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The Perfect Guide : Homemade Body Scrub + My Favorite Body Scrub Recipe

Does a pampering spa on a weekly basis sound good to you? Letting your body and mind calm down, returning the shine to your skin and not forgetting the addicting scent you never want to disappear…

Okay, okay…. I know that even if you have the time to visit a luxurious spa once a week, chances are you don't really have a budget for it; But that doesn't mean you don't deserve to spend quality time pampering your body with a homemade body scrub, which will give you exactly the same luxurious feeling of a spa in your home shower! Well, not exactly 🙂 But my body scrub recipe will make your skin feel insanely soft and its scent will make you feel like you just left the spa.

There's hardly anyone who doesn't know the term body scrub, because even if you've never bought it for yourself, you probably got it at least once in the gift boxes that everyone likes putting together in beauty shops. You probably remember the pleasant and pampering feeling, but chances are you don't really know how often you should use it, how its best to apply it on your body and when it's best to skip it.

In this guide you'll find all the answers to these questions + a pampering homemade body scrub recipe that you can make yourself in two minutes that will cost less than half the price you can buy it in the stores {and it's just as good – if not better!}.

The perfect guide: Homemade body scrub + my favorite body scrub recipe



A body scrub is a treatment that encourages the peeling of the skin to remove dead skin cells from the body, opening pores and stimulating blood circulation. Its goal is to make our skin look and feel softer, younger and more vital.

The various peeling treatments differ from each other in the depth of the peeling and the peeling methods can be divided into three categories: light {mechanical}, medium {chemical} and deep {biological}.

The light peeling, which we'll discuss in this post, is a peeling that can be done at home alone using products that can be made alone at home or bought in stores specializing in body care products. The mechanical peeling, which is considered the most delicate and accessible peeling, is mainly used by scrubbing the body with grains that remove the upper and dry skin layer and stimulate the blood circulation. Although this type of peeling will not smooth out existing wrinkles or remove stains, but it rejuvenates the skin and encourages the growth of new skin cells and is therefore highly recommended for anyone interested in maintaining healthy and smooth skin in the long run.



Homemade body scrubs are based on two main ingredients: oil (lubricant) and granules (friction material) at a ratio of 2:1 (for each cup of oil add 2 cups of granules).

In the oils sector, you should use natural cold pressed oils, including vitamins, fatty acids, omegas and other values of oils which fully remain. Great oils to use are coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil.

In the grain section, you should choose a material suitable for your skin type – the recommended ingredients from the most gentle to the least gentle are – ground oatmeal, brown sugar, white sugar and salt.

In addition to these two basic ingredients, it's recommended to add essential oils and dried flowers that will enrich the scrub with their natural qualities and, of course, an addictive scent.


The perfect guide: Homemade body scrub + my favorite body scrub recipe


As tempting as it is to shower with a fragrant scrub on a daily basis, it's important to know that excessive use of scrubs will do more harm than good because it dries the skin and will actually lead to the opposite effect.

It's recommended to use a homemade body scrub once a week to remove the dead skin cells and renew the skin, but not daily to avoid damaging the natural fat layer of the skin. If your skin is dry, use a scrub once every two weeks.



Homemade scrubs are gentle scrubs and therefore, are most suitable for everyone. However, there are some situations where it's less recommended to use a scrub :

1. Irritated skin – If you developed a skin allergy or have back or chest acne, consult a dermatologist before using a scrub, as skin peeling can make the condition worse.

2. Sunburn – It's not recommended to scrub ‘burnt' skin, it will also be very unpleasant and may make things worse.

3. Pregnancy – In the first trimester it's not recommended to use essential oils that get absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream, so it's recommended to consult a doctor.



There are those who claim that it's better to apply the scrub on dry skin and those who claim that it's preferable on wet skin. I tried both ways and I didn't feel a big difference, so I guess you should just do it the way that suits you 😉

The scrub mixture should be massaged in circular movements into the body, using the hands or a loofah, paying attention to the drier areas – the feet and elbows. In areas where the skin is thinner and more delicate, like the chest, it's recommended to gently massage so as not to damage the skin. Then, rinse the body with warm water and wipe the body with light taps.

The skin may feel slightly oily in the first few minutes, but don't worry – it quickly absorbs and enriches the skin 🙂


The perfect guide: Homemade body scrub + my favorite body scrub recipe


◄◄ My Recipe – Coconut, Lavender And Roses Scrub ►►


My DIY recipe for a coconut, lavender and roses scrub is completely natural, smells perfect and will make your skin be as soft as a baby's behind ;)!
You probably already know about my love for coconut oil from this post and this one, so you shouldn't be surprised that I chose it for this recipe 🙂
It absorbs well, helps prevent premature aging of the skin, minimizes pores and has antibacterial properties that help prevent and quickly heal wounds. Oh, and no less important – its scent is dreamy {if you like coconut, of course}. I chose combining coconut oil and lavender oil, which is considered the most popular oil of the essential oils because of its physical and emotional effects, and dried rose leaves, which relaxes and rehabilitates damaged and inflamed skin.



Preparation time – 2 minutes.

Quantity – One jar (like the one in the picture).


1.5 cups of white sugar

3/4 cup of high-quality coconut oil (in the winter – heat it in the microwave half a minute until it melts).

3/4 cup dried rose leaves.

15 drops of lavender oil.


Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add the wet ingredients and stir.
Transfer the scrub into a jar with a lid and keep it near the bathtub 🙂


Have you tried my recipe? Tell me what you think about it in the comments!
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This 4-ingredient homemade coconut, lavender & roses body scrub is very nourishing for dry skin. This homemade scrub is great for exfoliating, promoting healthy skin!

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  1. I love these suggestions. This is great. I use it in my beauty routine. Homemade body scrub has helped me remove my thighs stretch marks. Thanks for this.


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