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Pinspiration: Nail guides that will make your life much easier

In my first post about nails I confessed that I have 2 left hands and that applying nail polish is quite the difficult task for me.

The simplest solution for me was to give up on the whole manicure-at-home idea and just go for the natural look – short and neat nails without nail polish between one gel manicure to the following one {because even pros admit that you have to let your nails breathe a bit after gel manicures}.  

And then Pinterest came into the picture.

Besides all of the mani-pedi inspirations I get there and ask my manicurist to implement, I found a few DIY nail guides that totally made me try it myself!
Don’t worry – I’m not talking about those tedious and complicated guides that will make you curse the second you started trying them.

All of the guides I saved here are totally doable and will save you a lot of money, time and the headache of finding an hour to spend at the beauty salon in your busy schedule.


1 – Before anything, it’s important to find the nail shape that suites your hand best {even if you hate filing your nails yourself, at least you’ll know exactly what to ask from your manicurist 😉 }.

InStyle : The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Hands -DIY mani-pedi ideas from pinterest

2 – Coconut oil turned into my obsession a long time ago and I use it as a facial and hair mask, body oil, makeup remover and obviously for cooking; so I wasn’t surprised to find out that it could do wonders for your nails, too.

There’s no reason to skip a daily treat like this for your nails which livens them between gel manicures and manages to slow down the annoying cracks of regular polishes.

How to Use Coconut Oil For Nails Method - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


3 – Clean and manicured nails aren’t only pretty, but are also much healthier.

If you don’t have time to get a professional manicure at the salon, use this guide which explains step by step how to do a manicure at home easily.


Do This For The Most Perfect Manicure — Ever - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


4 – This guide saved me on the last holiday when I was stuck with gel polish that started peeling in the most hideous way and I didn’t have time to get to my manicurist {I mean, it’s the holiday season…}.

I remembered that I saved this guide a little while ago {which is technically for glitter polish but is excellent for gel polish, too} and I simply decided to give it a try.

Not only did it work like magic – it also didn’t hurt at all {unlike the other times I removed gel polish at professional salons}.

A total keeper ?

{For gel polish removal, wait 12 minutes }.


HOW TO: REMOVE GLITTER & GEL NAIL POLISH - - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


5 – We finally reached the step of applying the nail polish – which is the most complicated part. This guide explains step by step how to do it like a pro.

{I know that it seems quite obvious, but most of us don’t do it the right way  ? }


How to paint your nails like a pro - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


6 – If you can’t stay in the lines and the nail polish gets all over the skin around your nails {like me, but I must admit that I improved}, this guide is exactly for you.

Simply apply some Vaseline on the skin around your nail with a Q-tip and after the polish completely dries, remove the Vaseline – the Vaseline keeps the nail polish from drying on your skin and your manicure / pedicure will look perfect!


How to paint your nails like a pro - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest

7 – And if we’re already talking about applying nail polish – how didn’t they think about this before?!

You can buy it on eBay ? ? ?


How to paint your nails like a pro - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


8 – Debating which combos of mani-pedis won’t make you feel like a clown in the circus? Lauren Conrad provided us with some inspiration ☺


pretty mani - pedi pairings - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest
המדריך לקוח מפה


9 – Want to add in a touch of the metallic trend on your nails but scared to go all the way with it?

Add to a neutral nail polish, like black, white or nude, a touch of gold/silver with a sharpie pen. It’s easier to draw with it than with regular polish {and you could easily remove it with alcohol!}.


Easy metallic nail art with sharpies - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


10 – And finally, here’s the perfect guide for velvety nail polish.

{ok, this one requires a bit more effort… but it’s so pretty!!! ? }.


How to - Velvet nails {fall winter hottest trend} - DIY nail guides, tips & hacks from pinterest


Which of these guides are new to you and you just can’t wait to try? Tell me in the comments!

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10 Easy DIY Nail Hacks, Tips, Tricks and Tutorials You can do instead of spending time and money on the salon | nail shapes | nail art | home manicure | DIY nails

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