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WANTED : Gym Essentials

The long holiday season is beind us and summer is right around the corner, so it's time to step it up and refresh the sport equipment that will accompany you this upcoming season in the gym and outside.
These are all of the goodies that made their way to my sporty wishlist – who knows, maybe they'll get you in the mood to go out, exercise and get the most out of them 😉

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 56 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 56 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

1. Sneakers – If you work out regularly it's important to know that you should switch your sneakers around every 6 months, and not only when they wear out. As a big-foot {hi size 41!}, it's not easy for me to find sneakers that are comfortable but that also look good on my feet {as in, that don't make them look even bigger}, so searching for sneakers that fit right is a hunt for me and there's no chance that I'll buy shoes without trying them on before buying them. So I don't waste time searching in stores, I like looking for styles that I like on the internet and only then I go to the store to try the shoes on. This time, I had my eye on Adidas shoes I found on the Mega Sport website – they are completely black {super stylish!} and look super comfortable {and they come in sizes up to 42!}. WIN!

2. Bag – This bag has all the things that make it perfect for me, and honestly, it's on my wishlist too long already! Why is it perfect?

A. It's pink. Duh!
B. I have a love story with pizza. True, it doesn't really go with the whole weight watching issue, but we all have our guilty pleasures. Besides, just one look at this cute slogan and I get a reminder that I ate pizza twice this week and I need to work out ASAP.

So why is it still on my wishlist over a year already? I have a bag that looks brand new and I'm having a tough time getting rid of it {by the way, it's pink, too}, but I have a feeling that it will move from the wishlist to the shopping cart very soon…

3. Sports Bra – A good sports bra has to answer three parameters : support, comfort and style. It seems like this bra meets all of these parameters – it's pretty and sexy {without being revealing}, the straps are wide and adjustable, it has padding {which is removable in case you have enough of your own ;)}  – me likey!

4. Tank Top – This Adidas tank top looks super comfortable and light. I especially love the sleeves' wide opening and it's cropped cut.

5. Tights – I just need to have a pair of slimming black tights with netting in my closet! Do I even need a reason?

6. Socks – I tried different types of socks while working out and NIKE‘s are by far the best. They are totally worth the investment.

7. Earphones – There's no way I'll go to work out without my earphones and a playlist that will give me some rhythm and drive to exercise. Even though wireless earphones are the best for sport, I couldn't keep my hands off of these cute earphones by Ban.Do. I think it's worth giving them a chance while working out until I'll find the wireless earphones I want 😉

8. Gloves – Until recently, I didn't work out with gym gloves. For some reason it seemed completely unnecessary unless you're lifting very heavy weights. Turns out I was wrong – when I started working on my upper body more, yes, even using small weights, I noticed the my hands started showing sign of… blisters! I decided to buy gloves – and the rest is history 🙂  {by the way, the gloves give you a better grip which really enhances your work out}.

9. Water Bottle – A water bottle is a must when you work out – so at least use a bottle that's as cute as this one {and it has a folding straw which is ideal!}.

10. Hair Ties  If there's something I'll never understand, it's girls who work out with their hair down! How the hell can you get through a work out when your hair is stuck to your neck and face?? I understand that they most likely want to get to the gym and look hot while working out, but honestly, it looks quite pathetic… If you're one of the girls that do gather your hair while working out {as in, go to the gym to actually work out…}, look how cute these pastel hair ties are! And they look really comfortable and flexible…

11. Dry Shampoo – In continuation to the hair ties, comes the dry shampoo. My readers already know how much I love praising this simple and genius product, and when it comes to hair after working out – you can say that it's a life saver. Don't get me wrong, dry shampoo is in no way an alternative for a good and real wash for a sweaty scalp and hair; but this small spray bottle is exactly what will make the difference in how you'll look from the second you leave the gym and until that good shower. For the full guide about dry shampoo click here.

12. Lip Balm – Like I already wrote in this post – you really shouldn't work out with makeup on – the worst thing that can happen to your facial skin is the combination between makeup and sweat which completely clogs your pores. The only thing I put on my face while working out is lip balm to keep my lips soft so they don't peel. This one by eos, which comes in a coconut milk flavor, seems like one worth using.

13. Energy Bar – If I know I won't get home within 15 minutes after working out, I always put a natural energy bar in my bag to help my body recover. The one by the company ‘Mama' is the most natural and fresh you can buy – without unnecessary preservatives or sugars. Just the way I like it 🙂

14. Towel – A towel at the gym is a serious must-have! It simply used as a divider between the sweat from people who used the exercise machine before you and your own body. This towel is exactly the right size and has an extra feature – a small pocket to put your keys in. Very useful.

15. Deodorant – Last but not least is deodorant – because you really don't want to realize a second before your workout that you forgot to put some on at home before leaving. I always throw a spare deodorant into my sports bag so I won't get caught unready, and this one by NIVEA is my favorite.

What things you can't leave behind when you go to workout? Tell me in the comments!
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