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PINSPIRATION : Mouthwatering Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes That You Must Introduce Into Your Weekly Menu

My daily menu is based mostly on healthy foods that are easy to prepare at home {like chia pudding or this frittata, which has become one of the most viewed posts on the blog, and rightly so – it's just great!}, while the more corrupt foods I keep for meals at restaurants and trips abroad. This way I maintain a healthy and balanced diet most days of the week and also allow myself to go wild occasionally without feeling guilty 😉 {You can read more about this topic in the post about how I maintain a healthy lifestyle}.

A boring diet routine, based on a relatively constant menu with the same dishes repeated over and over again, leads to a problem I'm sure you'll be able to identify with – the food we're used to making at home starts to bore us and we're tempted to eat out or order take away, even if it wasn’t planned… a routine like this eventually causes us to eat too many indulging things that we’re supposed to keep for special occasions, and it’s a shame.

That's exactly why a second before my home menu starts to bore me I decide to refresh it with new and interesting dishes! The first place I turn to is Pinterest, of course 🙂

As soon as I type in the search line “healthy easy recipes” I’m exposed to a variety of recipes that make me want to go into the kitchen immediately {or at least try to get Daniel to do it 😉 }


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Pintersert's latest trend in the healthy food category during the last year is called “Buddha bowls”. A Buddha bowl is basically a general definition of a whole meal served in a bowl that contains combinations of unprocessed foods {fresh and cooked} that create a colorful, nutritious and healthy meal. There’s no “right” or “wrong” when preparing the Buddha bowls but there are several ingredients that should be incorporated into the bowl to create the perfect healthy meal!


The Anatomy Of The Perfect Buddha Bowl


The Base – Traditionally, rice is the base of the Buddha bowl, but it’s possible {and even recommended! 🙂 } to mix it up with different types of grains or other foods rich in fiber. The base layer should be seasoned separately before adding the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Here are some examples of some great bases :

→ White / Full / Wild Rice

→ Soba / Rice noodles

→ Couscous

→ Green leaves {lettuce, baby leaves, kale, spinach, etc.}

The Protein – Proteins are very important for the creation of a satisfying Buddha bowl, so it’s recommended to add a lean protein that’s roasted / cooked / steamed / baked. Here are some examples of good proteins :

→ Omnivore – Chicken breast, fish, eggs

→ Vegan – Tofu, lentils, quinoa, buckwheat, chickpeas, lentils, seaweed

The Additions – Vegetables that are fresh, roasted, steamed, boiled or pickled {the more the better!} and seeds and nuts of various types that add texture and depth of flavors.

The Dressing – a great dressing is the key ingredient to a great Buddha bowl, as it binds all the ingredients together. The dressing is always recommended to be prepared at home to avoid preservatives and unnecessary additives of salt and sugar.



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The interesting combinations for the Buddha bowl create endless possibilities for a variety of healthy and tasty meals that anyone can make alone at home, and no less importantly – it’s a feast for the eyes, so they’re the perfect combination of eye candy and healthy soul food. By the way, Buddha bowls aren’t only great as a meal that can be easily prepared at home, but can be especially great as a satisfying and healthy meal that you can pack and eat at work, or even at a picnic!


Here Are My Favorite Recipes For Buddha Bowls That Will Make You Maintain A Healthy And Balanced Diet Without Breaking Your Head 😉



Is it hard for you to choose between salty and sweet? This Buddha bowl, which combines the sweet and roasted sweet potatoes with the salty and seasoned chickpeas binded with a tahini and maple sauce, is just for you!

PINSPIRATION : Mouthwatering Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes That You Must Introduce Into Your Weekly Menu - AMAZING Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl with Kale, Red Onion and a STUNNING Tahini-maple sauce! | vegan gluten free dinner
Photo source are recipe



The golden pickled cabbage gives a sour kick to this healthy Buddha bowl.


PINSPIRATION : Mouthwatering Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes That You Must Introduce Into Your Weekly Menu | The Hippie Bowl
Photo source are recipe



All the good ingredients of Mexican food in one healthy bowl with a ton of flavor.


PINSPIRATION : Mouthwatering Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes That You Must Introduce Into Your Weekly Menu | Chicken Burrito Bowls made with taco-seasoned chicken, cilantro-lime rice, salsa, guacamole, corn, beans, and a delicious creamy cilantro sauce.
Photo source are recipe



Tofu in a lemon-tahini sauce? Sounds like a combination you have to try at home 🙂


PINSPIRATION : Mouthwatering Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes That You Must Introduce Into Your Weekly Menu | Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl with Quinoa and Avocado
Photo source are recipe


Honestly, this whole bowl looks like a great celebration of flavors, but it’s the spicy chicken marinade that makes this bowl particularly interesting.


PINSPIRATION : Mouthwatering Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes That You Must Introduce Into Your Weekly Menu | GRILLED HONEY SRIRACHA CHICKEN RICE BOWL
Photo source are recipe


What do you think about the whole concept of Buddha bowls? And which would you like to try the most?
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  1. I love Buddha Bowls and make them pretty regularly. Right now I’m using cauliflower or cauliflower/sweet potato rice as my base.


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